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August 04, 2010


John Kenneth Muir


This is an absolutely extraordinary review of Avatar, and in fact, a lot better than the one I wrote a few days ago. You have really analyzed and interpreted the images and subtext of the film to make a strong case for it.

You said perfectly, for instance, what I labored with a bit:

"Avatar is not a story about a white man determining that the "savage" life is better than the "civilized" life. It is about how a man comes to embody a principle, and how he battles opposing forces that embody diametrically opposed principles."

That's the higher morality that I wrote of; that I believed Cameron was questing after: how a man embodies a principle and fights its opposite. Very well said.

Your excavation of the word "avatar" and what it means in context here I also found illuminating.

In short, this was a fantastic review. I not only enjoyed reading it, now I "see" Avatar much more clearly.

John Kenneth Muir

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